“Baby massage is not a trend. Rather, it is an ancient art that creates a deep relationship between you and your child.” (Quote by Vimala Schneider Mc Clure from Baby Massage)

Baby massage

Time: Your baby should be at least 8 weeks old.

Advantages of baby massage:

  • Enjoy intensive togetherness
  • Exchange with other parents
  • Fun and joy
  • relaxation
  • sharpens the senses for the baby

Start: 08.11.2022

When: Tuesdays 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Cost: 15€ per session

How often: 6 times

Registration: by mail or phone

That's why a massage is so good for your baby!

With a baby massage you can spoil your child wonderfully. In addition, you strengthen his or her health, physical and emotional development and your bond.

Why should I massage my baby?

  • Baby massage has a calming effect and gives a feeling of security. Especially children who have difficulties falling asleep can benefit from a massage. The gentle rhythmic movements will also help you to find peace.
  • Baby massage strengthens the parent-child bond. A two-way communication develops through the massage. The baby notices that its signals are perceived and answered. It learns the first forms of its self-efficacy.
  • Baby massage can help with tummy aches, colic and regulation problems. Specific massage strokes stimulate digestion, have a deflating effect, relax the belly and thus alleviate the discomfort. The stress-reducing effect of massage can help your baby to calm down.

When and how often should I massage my baby?

  • Baby massage is about spending a relaxing time together. Therefore, you should not be stressed by any schedule.
  • Take a break of 45-60 minutes after breastfeeding or a meal before you start the massage. Starting immediately after drinking or eating could lead to vomiting.
  • You can massage your baby as often as you like. You can establish baby massage as a daily ritual. Either as a morning routine to start the day together and relaxed or as an evening routine to end the day together and relaxed.

Benefit from our expert knowledge!

  • Background information – Motor development
  • Crying behaviour – what can I do, how can I behave?
  • My child has a favourite body side – what now?
  • Background information – Play development


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